Father's Day Definition Bundle includes:




The foundation of the family. One who provides, supports, protects and encourages his children.


A man of strong character that leads by example.




1. Head of household


2. A man who gives selfless support without expectation


3. My personal protector


4. My lover, confidant and best friend




Handsome, charming & strong.


I'm so proud of the man that you've become!





1. One of my very first friends


2. The person I can call for back up


3. The corny jokester that makes me smile even when I'm not in the mood to live


* All cards in the inside reads: " Happy Father's Day!" 




Additional product details:


This bundle is the perfect one and done option.

These cute custom designed note cards are absolutely perfect for those seeking a "small gesture" with a BIG message.

Size & Format: standard fold horizontal 4 x 6

Paper type: Top quality lightly coated paired with a durable wove envelope.

Father's Day Definition Bundle