This Birthday Beauty Box greeting card box is perfect for saving both time and money.


It includes 10 cards total ( 2 of each design shown) and all items contain a different message. 


They are perfect for:

  • Keeping the birthday aisle at your fingertips! No more running to the store last minute on your way to the party
  • Staying organized
  • Celebrating accomplishments



  • Superior quality card stock
  • Modernized and attractive custom designs
  • Cards are paired with a durable storage box
  • Peel and seal envelopes for your convenience
  • Can be used to celebrate ANY woman in your life

Size: Approx. 5 x 7 inches


Contents of the box are valued at $69.99


Additional information:


Card A inside message:


There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who lifts & builds others while trying to reinvent herself.


You exemplify this.


I am so happy to have someone like you in my life.


Happy Birthday!


Card B inside message:


Today, we celebrate you.


Here's to another year of life, and another year of aging gracefully.


May you continue to be abundantly blessed!


Happy Birthday!


Card C inside message:


Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated!


Today we celebrate you!


Card D inside message:


Let's get cute, round up the girls and do something spontaneous for old times' sake!


I can't wait!


Happy Birthday!


Card E message:


T-Shirt slogan: Birthday Behavior


Gift Box Slogan: One time for the birthday chic!


The inside of this card is left blank for your personalized message.



Birthday Beauty Bundle


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